Suggestions for New Pages


WordPress stats tell me that site traffic has more than doubled since September, which is (a) cool, and (b) probably due to the unis going back.

With that in mind, I’m happy to take suggestions for new pages if you have any in particular that you’d find useful. For example, I’ve just added pages on carrying offensive weapons and having bladed & pointed articles after getting an email requesting them last week.

I have a list of pages that I will write when I have time (e.g. attempting to pervert the course of justice, drug treatment and testing orders, bail etc), but will happily prioritise any suggestions from readers.

Also, if students are stuck on any Scots criminal law questions, feel free to get in touch and I will help if I can. Please note that I can’t give legal advice, so please don’t ask, sorry!

Contact email is:

One thought on “Suggestions for New Pages”

  1. Perhaps plagium? A discussion in the light of Forced Marriage could be interesting. There’s a shortage of Scottish authority but that’s only a stronger reason for academic content.


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